Kanpur listed among 98 smart cities by Naidu Political News


KANPUR: Once the Manchester of East and the industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh is set for a makeover after being included in the list of 98 cities from all over the country to be developed as 'smart cities'. The list of the smart cities was declared by Union minister Venkaiah Naidu in Delhi on Thursday. The cities which have been chosen for the smart cities will witness massive work on various fronts such as better infrastructure, improved public transport services, citizen-friendly and cost

The locals also highlighted that Kanpur which gives highest revenues (taxes) to the government definitely deserves to be revamped. The denziens feel that the industrial scenario in the city should improve and it should remain successful in attracting major industries that can generate employment. "The development of the city on the modern lines is a welcome but industries and its infrastructure should be supported here for the overall development. The catch is that the big industrial units should come here which will give employment to the people," said Atul Seth, a noted city-based industrialist. Senior faculty of PPN Degree College, Prof B D Pandey, said, "Government should ensure cleanliness of the Ganga, which is highly polluted in Kanpur, as people have religious sentiments towards it besides developing city as a smart city. "Smart city concept and selecting Kanpur for a makeover is a big welcome," said Prof Pandey. Historian and senior faculty of Christ Church College, Prof S P Singh, said, "The basic problem of Kanpur such as roads, cleanliness, lifting of garbage, sewage discharge, etc, should also be addressed first before going for a major revamp." The city faces multiple challenges like maintaining cleanliness as drains overflow, garbage is dumped on roads and poor sanitation which needs to be addressed. The chaos and frequent traffic jams which have become a routine in the city are other major problems which needs a solution. The city needs 24-hour power supply but power is snapped in the name of emergency rostering. Moreover, the Ganga needs cleaning. The industrial discharge drained in the river directly and Sisamau nullah which discharges regular sewage water needs to be tapped. Also, the city needs better public transport system.

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